The Vuvuzela World Cup
The Football World Cup
When all is said and done this will be remembered as the vuvuzela World Cup.    Of course everyone with an interest in football will know who won the competition in the end.  But unfortunately it's the vuvuzelas that are dominating the atmosphere.  Camera close-ups of cheering fans convey nothing except the sound of blaring horns.  The drone of these terrible plastic tubes is constant, nonstop. 

It is unfortunate that in the once-in-four-years competition we can no longer hear the real atmosphere of the game, none of the thump of the ball being kicked, no supporters singing and cheering, none of the natural reaction to attacks and missed chances, no player sounds as they shout and talk...

I was talking with a friend yesterday and he said his mother refuses to watch the matches because of the incessant vuvuzela noise.  It's unfortunate that FIFA won't listen...  Listen to and hear what we have to endure.

FIFA has said that the vuvuzelas are an expression of local culture.  But to me Africa is rhythm, Africa is a beat, Africa is singing and chanting.